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Evan Holt

is a complex problem solver with 20+ years of experience as a leader, strategic planner and global operations manager. He has a proven track record in establishing and carrying out plans to reach even the most difficult goal successfully. Evan’s global experience and real estate background make him a valuable resource in helping your business achieve its goals.

Lt Col, US Marines – 21 years leading Marines including over 6,000 personnel during various operations throughout Asia, and over 300 helicopter mechanics during 24 hour combat operations.

Real Estate
15 years retail strip mall ownership experience, including property and lease management. Retail development and real estate investment background as president of small real estate holding company.

Developed US military plan supporting Japanese earthquake, tsunami and radiological crisis by leveraging US Department of Energy and military experts. Coordinated with Japanese senior military executives on US governmental actions to ensure US efforts were synchronized and in direct support of Japan.

Global Operations Spanning 6 Continents
Pilot with two combat flying tours. Streamlined helicopter maintenance repair cycle by reallocating resources, and transformed operational constraint into excess capacity, strength, and reserve. Led $50M acquisition ‘due diligence’ team, overcoming significant objections on viability of asset by validating logistics fuel plan and improving operational capabilities.

Developed US Joint contingent logistics plan supporting 200,000+ personnel. Led team that planned over 40 training operations throughout Asia involving up to 30,000+ personnel.

Routinely briefed Generals/Admirals and senior governmental executives on Pacific Operations, including US radiological support plan, to Chairman of the Japanese Joint Chief of Staff.

Operator with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Washington University in St Louis. Strong analytical background and an organized methodology to complete complex transactions.

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